• This is a downloadable MP3 file. This is Robert Hamaker's latest meditation project.
  • This is a downloadable MP3 file. Guided Meditation with Grey Deer is Alan’s first meditation to take you into a state of incredible peace and clarity through the words of Grey Deer, the Native American energy whom Alan channels. As an added bonus, the incredible meditation music is channeled by Margaret McElroy.
  • This is a downloadable MP3 file. Margaret McElroy brings you her first relaxation meditation, with words and music to take you to a world of unparalleled bliss. The beautiful background music is underscored with the exotic sounds of the New Zealand rain forest.
  • This is a downloadable MP3 file. Silk Energy Meditation is Margaret McElroy’s second relaxation meditation. This incredible meditation uses music and the imagery of color to help clear your chakras and raise your vibration.
  • This is a downloadable MP3 file. Have you ever wondered, “What color is that sound?” Or, “Is there a connection between color and sound?” I have answered this question in a unique way for 19 colors and how they relate to our bodies with the new “Colors of Sound” Album.
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