• Simple Guide to the Psychic explains in simple, everyday terms how the world of Spirit affects your daily life. From reincarnation and past lives to spirit guides, auras, dreams, crystals, pyramids, energy grids, astrology and spiritual healing, Margaret McElroy illuminates the simplicity behind an obscure and often misunderstood topic.
  • Energy is everywhere…. You are probably conscious of your own energy, but are you aware of all energies affecting your life? Margaret McElroy explains how to: unblock your chakras, become in tune with your personal energy, recognize energy vampires, identify healing energy, utilize sexual energy, and release past life energy.
  • Having traveled the world as a spiritual teacher, Margaret McElroy has never stopped learning about the World of Spirit. Each chapter in Stories Along the Way provides another informative glimpse into the spiritual world as revealed through Margaret’s real-world encounters.
  • At this very moment the Photon Energy is affecting world events as well as the lives of every individual on the planet. Margaret McElroy illuminates the uncertainty surrounding this phenomenon by explaining that those in the World of Spirit created the Photon Energy in order to compel and assist humanity to move forward in vibration.

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