Crystal Connections Meditation


This is a downloadable MP3 file. This is Robert Hamaker's latest meditation project.

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This is a downloadable MP3 file. This is Robert Hamaker’s latest meditation project.  It was created as part of an upcoming project which he will be releasing later this year, using more than 20  Quartz Crystal Bowls, in I believe, a new and unique way, aligning the bowls’ frequencies to the energy of our chakras thru the connections with the frequencies of their colors. And also connecting to our brainwave states using Monaural  (when played with speakers) or Binaural beats (when listened to with headphones). Robert learned to make these connections with his 2nd album, The Colors of Sound, and so have  applied the same principals here. For this mediation project which is about 27 minutes in length  he has also tuned the bowls to a tuning of a= 432 hz which many believe has very powerful qualities as it is connected to sacred geometry. Robert’s intention with this is to create a powerful meditation experience using music and sound that is also good for your energy.

Robert Hamaker lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been performing and teaching as a percussionist there for over 30 years. He received his Bachelors of Arts Degree in percussion performance in 1983 from California State University in Hayward. With training and experience in both classical and contemporary music he has a unique expertise to bring to this project. Mr. Hamaker is currently Principal Percussionist with the Vallejo Symphony Orchestra, Golden Gate Park Band , and The Diablo Symphony who he also acts as Concert Manager for. He plays for various theater groups around the Bay Area, and is a long standing member of Pacific Sticks Percussion Ensemble. He teaches at 3 private teaching studios in the Bay Area and at Los Medanos College.

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