Maitreya Speaks All Volumes

Maitreya Speaks All Volumes


This is the first volume of Maitreya Speaks; it consists of one hundred newsletters channeled through Margaret McElroy from October 2000 to March 2004. Maitreya’s beautiful writings are short and uncomplicated, covering many subjects relevant to life on the Earth plane today. The topics in volume one are: astrology, drugs, energy, euthanasia, healing, photon energy, soul mates, sin and sexual energy, stem cell research, abortion, and the Self and Higher Self.

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Maitreya’s writings are timeless and represent the core themes in the teachings that Maitreya channeled through Margaret McElroy. Maitreya discusses how to become your own master, and  addresses topics such as energy, life lessons, past lives, karma, sex, fear, anger, conditioning, heaven and hell, and many other topics. There are total of 411 channeled newsletters by Maitreya from 2000 to 2016.

This eBook is free to download in zip file. The zip file consists eBook format of epub, pdf and mobi.


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