Life on the Earth Plane is a school. All of us are here to attend the school of learning through all sorts of life lessons we have chosen to experience. The purpose is to attain soul growth. However, I did not know or understand this before I flew to Australia to take courses with Margaret/Maitreya in September 2003.

Although I had Ph.D. in Pharmacology and was experiencing worldly successful in my field, I did not know the purpose and meaning of my life and existence on the Earth Plane. After years of hard work, I had built a comfortable and secure life for my daughter and myself. But even with all I had attained, I felt a void and emptiness in my heart. I was struggling to make sense of my life and I wanted to find many answers about myself. The Master of Metaphysics courses I took with Margaret/Maitreya opened me to a new way of life. I was like a baby thrown into the ocean of life, seeing its vastness and depth from a whole new perspective.

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