• Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the process of spiritual development in Margaret McElroy's newest book, Intuition and You: The Road of Self-Discovery.
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    The Maitreya Chakra Toning and Healing Program is designed to assist you to shift and clear energy within your chakra system. The tones contained in the Maitreya Chakra Toning and Healing Program are channeled by Maitreya, through his channel Margaret McElroy.
  • Maitreya’s Wisdom Cards all represent points of learning in the school of life. Every card in the deck has a mandala specially created for it. Mandalas are spiritual symbols created with color, and are used for meditation and contemplation. Both the colors and symbols used within each mandala are designed to assist you in connecting on a deep level with the energy of each card. 3 e-book formats are included in the downloadable zip file, PDF, ePub and Mobi.
  • Feeling fatigued, irritable, or having difficulty sleeping? Your energy field is unique to you and the energy of other people, environments, and situations can upset or unbalance your energy resulting in these symptoms. The Masters’ Blend aligns your energy with that of the Masters to reduce these symptoms. Whenever you need to rebalance your energy, take control of your energy with The Masters’ Blend bath and burner oil.
  • This is the first volume of Maitreya Speaks; it consists of one hundred newsletters channeled through Margaret McElroy from October 2000 to March 2004. Maitreya's beautiful writings are short and uncomplicated, covering many subjects relevant to life on the Earth plane today. The topics in volume one are: astrology, drugs, energy, euthanasia, healing, photon energy, soul mates, sin and sexual energy, stem cell research, abortion, and the Self and Higher Self.
  • "Color cards & Self Healing" explains simple and easy-to-use pointers to assist you in integrating color into your self-healing and spiritual growth. This amazing book explains how the energy of color can contribute to your emotional and spiritual well-being, and provides many methods of using color for spiritual healing. e-Book format.
  • Energy is everywhere…. You are probably conscious of your own energy, but are you aware of all energies affecting your life? Margaret McElroy explains how to: unblock your chakras, become in tune with your personal energy, recognize energy vampires, identify healing energy, utilize sexual energy, and release past life energy.
  • Simple Guide to the Psychic explains in simple, everyday terms how the world of Spirit affects your daily life. From reincarnation and past lives to spirit guides, auras, dreams, crystals, pyramids, energy grids, astrology and spiritual healing, Margaret McElroy illuminates the simplicity behind an obscure and often misunderstood topic.
  • At this very moment the Photon Energy is affecting world events as well as the lives of every individual on the planet. Margaret McElroy illuminates the uncertainty surrounding this phenomenon by explaining that those in the World of Spirit created the Photon Energy in order to compel and assist humanity to move forward in vibration.
  • 弥勒通讯第一卷包含了100篇他通过玛格丽特 · 麦克尔罗伊在2000年10月至2004年3月之间通道的信息。弥勒的信息非常美好,并简洁易懂,覆盖了当今人类生活中很多相关的题材。在通讯第一卷中包含的题材有:占星术,毒品,能量,安乐死,愈合,光子能量,灵魂伴侣,罪和性能量,干细胞研究,流产,自我与高级自我,精神发展等等。此电子书压缩文件下载包括了3种格式: PDF, ePub 和 Mobi。
  • The Maitreya Vibrational Toning and Healing System consists of a series of 11 different tones designed to help clear your chakras, balance your energy, and remove energy blocks that prevent you from raising your consciousnes
  • This is a downloadable MP3 file. Have you ever wondered, “What color is that sound?” Or, “Is there a connection between color and sound?” I have answered this question in a unique way for 19 colors and how they relate to our bodies with the new “Colors of Sound” Album.
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